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Coming to the @newpeterwendy @muzzledmusical and @enthusiamy meetup? We are at this cool tree.

At the Cupcake Quarterly booth #4300 with the awesome @paula_rhodes and @jamie1km. Come check it out!

Nominate Us For The Streamy Awards!



So there’s this award show. It’s called The Streamy Awards. The show honors the best of online content, web series, actors, writing, costume design… it’s like the oscars… for the internet! This year, they are allowing fans to help vote shows and actors into nomination. That’s why we need…

Please nominate us if you have a few minutes!  Just takes a few clicks!

Wayfaring GIF Contest!

GIF Contest! Get a GIF and Tumblr page SHOUTOUT on the Wayfaring Twitter account by submitting the bestest, most funniest, highest quality, mega awesome GIF or GIF set. Open til Sunday night! Show us how you Wayfare!

Make sure to tag Wayfaring Live, Wayfaring and Malcolm Freberg!

(via wayfaringlive)

(Oh man, I so wish I was better at making GIFs)

Putting one of my Wayfaring perks to use (okay, this is actually Stuart’s beer but still).

Missing Irish breakfasts right now… @roaminggnome @enzostuarti