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Okay, that's a pretty unsubtle answer about never seeing Lizzie's bedroom again. That sucks that that background is gone.

I thought long and hard about whether to address this as it is an anon and this person is probably just feeling they can vent their frustration more openly that way.  But others have approached me publicly about this as well, and since the rest of the cast and crew is so transparent on Tumblr about similar things, I felt I should be as well.

Opening up your home to a film shoot, especially a long-term one such as LBD, is a HUGE commitment.  Yes, I am the producer of the show and therefore, I’m more invested in it and so it was a bit easier for me.  But I also had a roommate who was gracious enough to put up with us taking over the place 1 day a month and for that, we were so lucky and grateful.  My fiance and I could make no adjustments to our living space for all those months and we were very very cramped in (he moved in later so he and I were in a space that normally should have just been for 1).

From the beginning, Bernie and the writing staff were very open with us about the fact that should we need to move during the year of production, there were plans in place to accomodate that actually strengthened the reality of the series, not hinder it.  My fiance and I actually really struggled with whether we SHOULD move, since our lease ran out in December.  We put the decision off for months.

But as we are going to be getting married and starting our life together, we really wanted a place we could call our own.  We started looking, found a place we loved…and ended up not getting because someone signed a lease before us.  It was devastating.  And then a friend let us know that the bungalow next to her had opened up and it ended up being even more perfect than the place we lost.  And still, I thought about not taking it because I knew we might upset fans.  

I know this post is long with a lot of probably not necessary backstory, but I wanted you all to know you WERE a consideration in a major life decision of mine.  I have put more time and energy in LBD than I have any other project I have even been a part of (and I’ve been a part of a lot of AMAZING things that I feel honored to have been a part of) and I just want you all to know that I didn’t make this decision lightly.  But I assure you, the entire cast and crew had you all in mind and had already been ready to make a great transition for you.  You’re not all going to like it, I realize that.  And you’re welcome to come to me with your thoughts.  I only ask that you respect me as a human being as I will you and know that I have feelings and your words effect me on an emotional level.

Also, the background is far from “gone”…it’ll live forever in the LBD and will be remembered by all of you.  And that’s kind of a really amazing thing…

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